Sunday, May 15, 2011

Meet the girls- RED

 This is "RED".  She's a red sex link hen, hence the name RED. 

She is sassy like any red head can be.  She's comes running when she thinks we have a treat for her. All I have to do is rattle a bread sack and she comes running.   If she's not first, she is usually second in line to Barkie. When she isn't first it's only because Barkie has a bigger behind she uses to her advantage in those situations. 
 Red is the only bird that wasn't killed or damaged last fall when the neighborhood dogs broke into our coop.  I think it's because she was feisty enough to peck at the dog to get it to leave her alone.  She used to peck at our legs if she felt our shoes were threatening.  We put a stop to it, and she has been a sweetheart ever since. 
Red was good to look over the other hens when they were injured and would sit and keep watch over them.

Red lays a large brown egg almost every day. She rarely takes a day off. Her eggs are great to eat but we can't hard boil them. They shell is so strong it will not peel when boiled. We end up taking part of the egg off with the shell.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sewing from a pattern

I have officially completed my first sewing project using an actual pattern. This is the first time in almost 14 years. 

The pattern is from simplicity “It’s so easy”. Believe me it WAS by no means EASY!

I hate using patterns and prefer to wing it when it comes to sewing. I am not sure why I got a bug to get a few patterns, but I have, and now I feel obligated to use them. Hopefully the next ones will be easier.

 Simplicity Pattern 2243  Bag B

I am not sure why I chose to sew a purse, but I did. Could I have bought one cheaper? Yes. The material alone was close to $20; however, I now have the satisfaction of having made my own. Satisfaction may be the only thing I have right now because I am sure I have less hair.   At least I know how the pieces go together (since I had to take them apart so many times). The next time I can use leather and make an even nicer one.