Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

I hope you all had a great mother’s day and were able to enjoy the day with your families. I spent my day as any normal day. With my husband currently deployed, we do not get to enjoy the holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays as we would like to. My day was spent tending to the chickens, laundry, and baking things we were out of. My husband was able to call later in the day and wish me a Happy Mother’s day as my own mother did earlier in the day.

Thanks to my son, the laundry pile in my living room is no longer there. He was a big help in taking care of the folding for me. He spent most of his day catching up on sleep from his time away at his fathers. He was glad to get home, but I think he was more glad to go back to sleep this morning than anything.

The chickens, after being “cooped” up for two days, were more than anxious to escape the confinement once let into the run. The weather has been colder than the normal temperatures we experience. The chickens came running outside when normally it takes them a little while to mosey down the ramp. Today they didn’t even use the ramp. They started flying from the top step.

Because of the colder weather the past two nights, I had had to cover some of my plants to make sure they didn’t get hit by frost. Frost warnings in May are not normal. I wanted to cover some of the things my son had been working on during the week for me.

My son worked on his mother’s day present for me earlier this week. We looked at purchasing nice, new, stackable blocks to make a flower bed, but once we figured the amount we needed, and the expense, we decided against it. My son’s mind went to work. Trying to reuse instead of purchasing new, he found some red bricks we had laying around and decided to make a flower bed around our pine tree.

It seemed the only thing that would ever grow under the tree was weeds. For the past two years I have planted marigolds around the tree to keep the weeds at bay. I had saved the seeds from plants that were growing in front of my house and used them to propagate the bedding around the tree. The second year they came back on their own, and I was able to add more of the saved seeds to fill in areas that were sparse. This year I had planned to do the same, until he had a better idea.

Since the coop is now next to the tree, my son thought it would be nice to dress it up. We remolded the area by adding the same mix I am using in my square foot garden beds. We planted three hostas and added some decor. The bird bath and chicken my son picked out at our local Hy-Vee garden center. We grabbed a couple rocks he had laying around that he had found while vacationing in Wyoming and added them with some stepping stones we had in storage. He said he was going for a red theme. He was so excited to get started on it, and the results are great. I’m really pleased with our new “garden”. And we were able to reuse items we already had!

The red chicken.

The final result.

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