Friday, August 5, 2011

Frugal Friday~ No more buying swiffer pads

I have hard wood floors, which I LOVE.  They are very easy to clean.  One of the things I use to clean them is a swiffer dry mop.  I used to buy the replacement pads, until I realized I could use a microfiber cloth on the mop head.  I have some generic brand microfiber cloths, but my favorites to use are Norwex Brand.

The Norwex brand cloths are by far superior to any other microfiber cleaning cloths.  They attract more dust, are thicker, and much nicer to use. I like using the Norwex cloths so much I still have a box of unused swiffer pads in the closet.

It is easy to place the cloth on the head of the mop.  Place the mop on top of the cloth.

 Fold over one half and insert cloth into holes.

 Do the same with the other side.  
 Once one side of the cloth is soiled simply turn the cloth over and use the other side.

The mop is easy to access those hard to reach areas.  If I want to use a liquid cleaner I dampen the cloth and use a spray bottle mixed with 1/4 of liquid castile soap and then filling the remainder of the spray bottle with warm water.  Shake to mix.  This mixture cleans hard wood floors great and doesn't leave a filmy residue. 

If you would like to try to make your own cloths I found a site that gives you other ideas called:
13 Ways to Make Your Own Swiffer Pads


  1. Okay, this is seriously a great idea! I'm not sure why I never thought of it! Every time I buy a pack of the disposable ones, I think, "there must be a better way". Thanks!