Saturday, July 2, 2011

Embellishing My Kitchen Curtains

After living in this house for almost eight years and still not finding the time to sew curtains for the rest of my kitchen windows I opted to purchase some. 

I found these for $7 a piece which was a total cost of $21 since I needed three of them to cover the windows.  

 They are a micro fiber fabric which is more expensive than a basic cotton material and will wrinkle less.  I didn’t think that was too bad of a price when you take into account your time spent sewing, along with the fabric cost to make them myself.

This is the Brother SE-400 sewing/embroidery combination machine my husband gave me for Christmas this past year.  I have only used it to add decorative stitching to some items and embroider a little.  The machine works so well, I really should try to use it to sew with.  I have two machines, one from each of my grandmother’s I prefer to sew on for the time being.  I also have a new Brother Serger I really like.   I will write about it more in the future.

The bobbins come with clips to keep the thread in place when in storage.

The machine even cuts the thread for you.

Look how easy it is to see the bobbin on this machine.  No more running out of thread!

I picked a thread that would blend but still show a little on the curtains.

I chose this stitch to add to the bottom of my curtains.
Since it was time to take the curtains down to wash, I thought it would be a nice touch to add some embellishing to them.  

Watch how easy it is to use this machine.  
You don't even need to use the foot feet.  Everything can be done with your fingertips.

  You can adjust the speed to go as slow or as fast as you would like.

Completed design

The detailing reminds me of lace.

Ironed and hung.

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  1. I love using the scallop stitching. One of my all time faves! :) I like the curtains!