Sunday, April 10, 2011

Olive and Pimento Cream Cheese Spread

I love those cheesy (no pun intended) cream cheese spreads that come in a small jar. I can’t count how many of those “jars” we have as juice glasses in our cupboard. Once you eat the cheese, the jars they come have a second use. How resourceful is that? Growing up my grandmother would buy the spreads as a special treat for us. My favorites were olive, pimento, and pineapple. After finding a recipe for a pimento cream cheese spread I started to wonder if I could use olives… is the result! Next to try to make pineapple.

Olive and Pimento Cream Cheese Spread

1 -5 oz. jar of pimento stuffed green olives

1 -8 oz. package cream cheese

2 -tsp. half and half or heavy whipping cream

Drain and rinse olives; rinsing helps to remove some of the excess salt from the brine.
Place the olives into the food processor and hit pulse a couple times just to chop them up.
Add the cream cheese and half and half. I broke the cream cheese into 4 sections so it would mix easier. Blend until desired consistency.

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