Tuesday, November 8, 2011

One Last Time

In addition to being the crazy chicken lady, organic gardener, home school mom, I am also a cosmetologist.  This week one of my dearest friends passed away and it is my great honor to have the opportunity to make her beautiful for all eternity.  Words can't express how much she meant to me.

Yesterday I accomplished a task many are unwilling to attempt.  I cut and colored her hair. The color wasn't a temporary one, but rather permanent, just as we always did.  This was a task I was told could not be done.  Telling me I can't do something always makes me more determined to succeed.

Yesterday's visit wasn't our usual encounter.  This time the conversation was one sided.  We didn't get to have the normal back and forth chat.  I was the only one talking.  I didn't get to hear how her children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren were doing.  I didn't get to hear what she had been up to.  What she looked forward to.  This was the first time the words didn't flow from her.

Over the years we were together so often, and shared so much, I can't pinpoint when we no longer were just friends, but rather family.  She never forgot my birthday, nor my son's.  She would even send him a card on Valentines Day.    We had many conversations, all of which I cherish.

We talked about her life growing up.  What is was like having to milk a cow before and after school, raising  chickens and riding horses.  How she met and fell in love with her husband.  The excitement and joy she had with each and every child she carried.  Her grand children.  The birth of her great grand children.  Marriages, divorces, the death of loved ones.  She loved them all immensely.  I can still remember the loss she felt when her mother passed away.  It left a hole in her heart.  But none as large as the one left by the loss of her daughter to breast cancer.

She herself, was a breast cancer survivor, so when my grandmother came down with it she was a great comfort to me.  I could call and talk to her when I was having a rough day.  When her own daughter was diagnosed, she did everything she could for her.  She never gave up the fight for her.  Even when her daughter could no longer fight. 

After the loss of her daughter I felt helpless as all I could do was listen, share tears, and try to comfort her.  She talked about her daughter often.  I was glad to listen.  I was honored I could be there for her.  She never wanted to burden her family with her grief.  I'm sure she never let on how she was truly grieving.

She was always a strong lady, and I'm sure she felt as if she had to continue to be strong for them.  I know she visited her grave often without notice.  I can't image experiencing the loss of a child.  I know many that have, and my heat goes out to them.  I hope to never experience such grief.

The loss of her daughter really took a lot out of her.  She didn't have the strength she needed to fight her own battles.  I held on hope, as I know she and her family did, that she would get better.  Unfortunately for us, God needed her sooner than we hoped.  She was a very spiritual person and I'm sure she is taking care of her family now, just as she always has.   We talked often about angels and how are family members, even after they have passed, have a way of letting us know they are still with us.  I know she will continue to watch over all of those she loved in heaven, just as she did on earth.

Thursday I get to see her again to style her hair and put on her makeup.   I get to make her look beautiful, one last time.  I am so blessed to have had this wonderful lady in my life.  I loved her dearly and I will miss her greatly.   She was true beauty, both inside and out.  She touched my life like no other and will forever be in my heart and thoughts.

I love you beautiful lady.  Until we see each other again, may you rest in peace.

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  1. I found your blog and this very beautiful post 'through' the blog of "IowaSue". What a beautiful and touching tribute this is-- it couldn't be more special. Thanks for sharing. And, I like the goals you list along the right side of the blog (above the picture of the hens pecking in the grass). Wonderful++++!

    P.S. My own little 'baby steps' blog about me learning to cook (later than when most learn) is at http://milkmaidrecipebox.blogspot.com/