Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Chickens are Laying! The Chickens are Laying!

With all of the news stories regarding recalled eggs in the supermarket, the chickens couldn’t have started laying at a better time.  After weeks of anticipation, the chickens are finally starting to lay consistently.  I have been able to gather one egg each day for about a week, until this week.  On Monday and Tuesday they had laid two eggs. I actually caught one of the hens in the nesting box so I was able to see which one was leaving me the presents.  I was contemplating a surveillance camera in the coop to catch them in the act.  My family jokes that I need to get a chicken cam so we can post it on the web. 

Today I went out expecting to bring in two more eggs, and to my surprise there were five!  Two of the hens had laid their first eggs.  The first eggs are smaller and much lighter in color than the others.  It may be a few days now before the newest layers lay another egg so tomorrow I have no idea how many eggs I will find.  The older chickens are 25 weeks old, while the younger ones are at 21 weeks.  The older birds are the ones I have caught in the nesting boxes so far.  They don’t seem to stay in there long so catching them is by chance.

The chickens are starting to like being let out of the coop for longer periods of time.  They don’t venture far away from me and if I leave to come into the house for something, they scurry back into the run for safety.  Once I return, out they come again.  The little red ones have been following me around like a litter of kittens.  They have started to beg like dogs for treats at my feet.  My son laughs when I get the bag of sunflower seeds out to make them come running.   

Today they played chicken football with cherry tomatoes.  It’s like keep away.  One of them will grab it and run away while the others chase her trying to get the tomato for themselves.  I realize it doesn’t take much to amuse us here.  Not only are our chickens fun and entertaining to us, they supply us with eggs we don’t have to worry about being recalled.  What a bonus! 

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