Friday, July 30, 2010

My New Lounge Chair

I have been dreaming of a comfortable lounge chair for quite some time, but not wanting to spend the money on one. I finally saved up and splurged. I put it together myself and when I finished there were parts left over.  I don’t think that was supposed to happen, however, the directions were lacking immensely!  My son got after me because there were parts left over, but when he went to look at the direction understood why I completed the project the way I did.  He “fixed it” for me, as I knew he would.  Now, if he would have just helped in the first place he wouldn’t have had to fix it, but that’s another story……

As for my new chaise lounge…I love it! I wish I had gotten one years ago.  It’s so comfy you could almost use it as an indoor chair.  Now I can sit outside with the chickens and read in comfort. 

The chairs I had been using for years was the tri-fold type that like to fold up on you when you go to sit down on it.  Similar to this one pictured.  I have ended up with some really nasty bruises over the years from collapsing accidents.  These types of chairs are like

being on a teeter totter the entire time.  If you move too close to one end, the other one goes up in the air.  I get motion sick just thinking about it.  Not to mention the discomfort factor!  The new chair is so cushiony you don’t even feel like you should be sitting outside on it.  I can’t believe the difference. 

The down side, we have a rabbit visit our yard that apparently likes to chew on things.  The other day we caught him chewing on plastic garden fencing.  When we went to look at the fence noticed he had chewed several holes in it.  This is the same rabbit that chewed off my spinach just as I was ready to harvest it.  After putting up the plastic fencing we were putting the cover over the chair to protect it from the elements, my son noticed the rabbit had chewed on the chair covering too.  It can be fixed by sewing; however, it was a little upsetting to see the destruction made by a rabbit.  I may have to invest in a live trap to relocate the critter to a new home at this rate of destruction.

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