Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Welcome to Our Coop

These are some pictures of our coop while it was still under construction and the completed project thanks to my family!  My dad is such an awesome carpenter!

Roof latch.  The roof lifts up for easier access to clean the inside.

Floor and nexting boxes.

Access to nesting boxes from the back side.  There is a handle and latch to lock the boxes up which is not shown in this picture.

Nesting boxes outside access.
Inside view of nesting boxes.

The first babies checking out their new home.

Litter trays.

Run door.

The run.

Updating Older Items

We all get tired of the same old thing and would like to get something new once in awhile.  I looked into getting replacement cushions for this chair at one time and the price was almost as much as a new chair.  The chair has hardly been used other than to collect dust over the years.  After making the cushions for my outdoor wicker furniture I decided to make some slip covers to cover the existing fabric to go with the decor of our bedroom better.  Many will probably prefer the blue cover as my husband does.  I can always take the new cover off it I want another change.
The picture doesn't do the fabric justice. It's much nicer looking in person.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Olive and Pimento Cream Cheese Spread

I love those cheesy (no pun intended) cream cheese spreads that come in a small jar. I can’t count how many of those “jars” we have as juice glasses in our cupboard. Once you eat the cheese, the jars they come have a second use. How resourceful is that? Growing up my grandmother would buy the spreads as a special treat for us. My favorites were olive, pimento, and pineapple. After finding a recipe for a pimento cream cheese spread I started to wonder if I could use olives… is the result! Next to try to make pineapple.

Olive and Pimento Cream Cheese Spread

1 -5 oz. jar of pimento stuffed green olives

1 -8 oz. package cream cheese

2 -tsp. half and half or heavy whipping cream

Drain and rinse olives; rinsing helps to remove some of the excess salt from the brine.
Place the olives into the food processor and hit pulse a couple times just to chop them up.
Add the cream cheese and half and half. I broke the cream cheese into 4 sections so it would mix easier. Blend until desired consistency.