Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Won the Lottery!!!

Well, not really.  So don’t everyone decide they want to be my friend so I can share the wealth.  I think you have to actually buy a ticket and play to win, don’t you?  That’s alright, because this is much better!  

My parents were working on updating their will and my brother had to give me the good news.  They were leaving the minivan to me.  I know he was secretly jealous, and there may even be a fight in the future over it.  He was getting their newer Mitsubishi.  And even though the all wheel drive vehicle drives like a Cadillac, and has this awesome mirror that will even let you know if ice conditions exists, this beast cannot compare to a 1985, well maybe it’s newer than that because didn’t DVD’s just start rolling out around this era?  I’m just too excited to concentrate!  

 I know my brother was secretly upset because driving the van is like driving a school bus.  As least that’s how I envision it.  Will I need a chauffeur’s license when I get this?  Hmm should that be a new law we could pass?  You need to have a chauffeur license to drive these awesome vans!  

This van was given to my mother after her parents passed away.  Since then, I know she is wishing she hadn’t bought her Mitsubishi, because the minivan is just so awesome!  The leather seats, at least I envision them as leather, feel like butter with some toast crumbs in it.  Riding in it is like riding on the wavy rapids in, lets say Colorado.  You get that rocking feeling each and every time.  It does not disappoint.  And with the fact that I get car sick, makes it even better.  

Just to let you know hot totally awesome this van is, it even has a DVD player in it!  How jealous are you now?  Each and every time my brother and I go to, let’s say a “flea market” he always lets me drive because he knows how much I like it.  It reminds me when we were in high school and because we had such a rust bucket awesome Toyota, we would fight over who got to had to drive it.  We got to the point of running out of school early and hiding in it with the passenger door locked so the other had to got to drive home because we knew how much the other wanted to drive it.   Those were the good ole days. 

 Sorry, I’m getting off the subject, but it’s only because I am so excited about the van!  Did I mention it’s an Oldsmobile?  I know if Cadillac realized how awesome these mini vans were they would totally steal the designs and market them for their own.

So after my brother gave me the good news my mom had to go and burst my bubble.  I know she secretly wanted to give me something special after she was gone.  You know like the family jewels.  Only there aren’t any, so she thought this van would be the next best thing.  

Because my brother was so jealous she decided to change the stipulations and not designate each of us one of their vehicles.  I’m still at a little confused because they have a vehicle for almost every day of the week, and this van must be at the top of the list, because she didn’t mention anything about the other vehicles.   I know she could feel my disappointment.  So my next question was, if we are splitting everything in half, which tractor do I get?  I said I think I wanted the Allis Chalmers, because it's little like me,  and maybe I would just have to get that early.  My dad looked in the mirror with a grin and said oh, I don’t think so.  Yet.  I think I heard a yet in there.  At least in my mind that’s how it went, so I’m going to go with that for now. 

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