Friday, September 2, 2011

Frugal Friday~Creating Your Own Artwork with Fabric

This idea came from the Nate Berkus show.  I have only watched it a few times and happened to catch an episode where he was talking about making your own piece of art out of fabric and a artists canvas. The type that has a wood frame on it.  You can find these at hobby lobby in various sizes.  If you watch you can get them on sale, or even print off one of their 40% off coupons for even more savings.  They offer the coupons pretty frequently and they are easy to print off at home. 

After you have decided on the size  of canvas you want ,you can then purchase the necessary amount of material to cover the canvas. Maybe you already have material on hand and would like to get the canvas to accommodate your material.  Thicker material works better for this project.  I used outdoor fabric for this one.  Be sure to allow about three extra inches of material on each side to wrap around the canvas.  The amount you will need to allow will depend on the thickness of the frame the canvas is on.  I decided to leave the plastic cover that what on the canvas when I bought it.

One you have your material and canvas you will also need a stapler.  Not a stapler for paper, but rather a stapler to allow you to tack the material to the back of the canvas.  Iron your fabric ahead of time and cut it to size.  Lay the fabric piece face down.  You want the back side facing up.  Place the canvas side face down on top of the fabric.  Tack one side at a time stretching the material taut over the canvas front as you staple each side.  This is my finished product.  I haven't hung it on the wall yet and think I prefer it propped against it instead.  If you want to hang your finished product you will need to add a picture hanging attachment to the back of the canvas. 

I have some material with chickens on that I really like. I may try to find some smaller canvas pieces to make some artwork for my kitchen or entry way. 

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