Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Shadow

 This is how my shadow appears when I go outside to take care of the chickens.  No matter where I go in the yard, she isn't far from my side.  She has been this way since the death of her look-a-like, Stubby.  Miss Tail Feathers follows me all over the yard waiting for attention and treats.  Mainly treats! 
 She often acts like she doesn't like the attention, but it's all an act.  The other day I was playing with the younger girls taking turns sitting in the chair and holding them.  The entire time she kept walking back and forth under my chair, scooting away when I tried to pet her.  When I got up to put one of the girls back in the kennel I turned around and she had hopped up in my chair.  I picked her up and she melted in my arms.  She even nodded off for awhile while I petted her.   I think she secretly likes the attention, but puts on an act in front of the others.  Each night when I lock them up she is usually sitting close to the door waiting to get petted and told goodnight. 

I almost feel like the Pied Piper leading the mice when the chickens follow me around the yard.  They know where I keep the sunflower seeds, and to them, sunflower seeds are as good a crack.  They go nuts over them.  I think I could lead them around town, if they thought sunflower seeds were at the end of the journey.

When I buy a grain mixture that includes sunflower seeds, they will eat the sunflower seeds and leave the other grains. The little chickens aren't as finicky yet.  The are more picky when it comes to greens from the garden.  They all, however, love tomatoes!  Lucky for them, the volunteer cherry tomatoes are doing well.  Each day I pick the ripe tomatoes to give to the chickens. They usually end up playing what looks like chicken football.  They all run after the quarterback to get the tomato.  It's both comical and yet cruel to watch at the same time.  I often feel bad for them and toss them several so they don't have to fight over them.  I no longer pick any of the tomatoes for us to eat.  The chickens get to enjoy them all.  No wonder they follow me around begging for treats.  They know they are going to get something for their begging.

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