Thursday, September 1, 2011

Seasoning or Re-seasoning Cast Iron Skillets

I have a few cast iron skillets.  Some I have had for several years, and others were my grandmother's.  One of the gifts my grandmother gave me for my first wedding was cast iron skillets.  Over the years I had given most of them back to her.  We only used them when camping.  I have always preferred cookware that was dishwasher safe and for the most part only sauteed foods.  I didn't have any need for a cast iron skillet until we got our chickens.  Or so I thought.  One of the skillets I asked for of my grandmother's was a small one she always used to fry eggs in.  Once we started getting fresh eggs, we had more than I knew what to do with.

It had been years since I had eaten a fried egg.  I didn't care for "store bought" eggs and only used them for baking.  After tasting fresh eggs, I learned to love them again.  Especially when cooked in the small cast iron skillet.  My husband prefers our non-stick skillets when making scrambled eggs.  I personally don't care for the taste of them when he uses those skillets. 

After using my cast iron skillets, and each time having everything stick to them, I started to wonder if re-seaonsing them would help.  I came across this video which got me into action.  I dug out two of my skillets, coated them with canola oil and set them on cookie sheets to bake at 250 degrees as she suggested. 

I have since used my larger skillet to cook hamburger for goulash.  It worked great.  I immediately washed it up, put in on the burner to dry, and now it's ready for our next cooking excursion!

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