Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ahhh Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is my go to oil when I get an insect bite.  Today while working in the garden, I got munched on by a mosquito.  Tea Tree Oil to the rescue! It instantly soothes the itching.  Tea Tree Oil has so many great uses.  I use it because of its antibacterial properties.  Check out all of the uses and great things about Tea Tree Oil  here

I use tea tree oil on my ears when they get infected from wearing earrings. You can use tea tree to treat acne, bites, burns.  My family uses tea tree when giving the dogs a bath to help with any skin irritations and to help keep fleas away.  I have even put it on stubby (our chicken) when the others had pecked a spot raw on her back.

I use tea tree oil in my dishwasher detergent.  I add it to my all purpose cleaner.  I have added it to the rinse cycle of my washing machine to help kill germs.  It's less harmful than bleach.  Tea Tree Oil is one oil I make sure to take when we travel and always have on hand.  Although the fragrance isn't the best, the results outweigh it.

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