Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A "Chevy Chase" Vacation

Our yearly vacation was not going to happen this year.  Normally we take the RV and camp on my father-in-laws property located between Cheyenne and Laramie in Wyoming for a couple weeks.  

This year we made a last minute decision to go for the weekend and make it a quick trip.  We didn't take the RV, due to the additional gas expense and time in preparing it for the trip.  Instead we packed suit cases and a cooler for drinks in the back of our jeep and headed west.  No reservations to stay anywhere nor did we have any idea where we were going to stay.  My husband's way of traveling.  Not mine!  He could easily live like a gypsy.

It was an interesting trip to say the least.  We had an extremely hard time finding lodging.  We joked that it was our "National Lampoon/ Chevy Chase" vacation.  Yep, we saw it, back in the car and on the road again. 

The first night we were able to find a motel.  However, the bedding hadn't been changed.  The sheets were wrinkled not to mention the hair in the beds.  It was disgusting.  We were moved to another room.  The second night we ended up staying in a dive of a motel even worse than the first.  We wore flip flops in the shower if that gives you any idea how nasty it was.  To top it all off the third night we could not find any place to stay,.  We opted to start driving home and sleep in the vehicle.  Not the best time but we were glad we went.  We were very happy to be home and sleep in our own bed once again.  Not to mention a clean place where we could cook our own food.  Those are the things I missed most about not taking the RV. 

My father-in-laws property is actually the old ghost town of Sherman, Wyoming.  There is a lot of interesting history in the area.  Very little of the town remains.  There is still a cemetery with one grave marker.  Most of the bodies were moved as indicated on the stone.

The property is located adjacent to the Ames Monument

We enjoy the peace and quiet along with getting away.  We usually haul our dirt bikes along so we can ride the mountain trails and explore into Colorado. 

We always make a point to attend Cheyenne Frontier Days.

On one of our trips we came across this old log home.  Although my goal is to live a more simple life, I don't think I could handle one this simple.

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