Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Babies are Here! The Babies are Here!

They have finally arrived! We picked them up at 5:30 last night. I tried to order more than a month ago from Theisen's but their suppliers would not let us order any less than five of one breed.

We wanted various breeds for diversity in the flock. It's easier to tell them apart too! My son was obsessed with getting a white leghorn. He wants to name it Foghorn from the cartoon. I tried to explain to him Foghorn was a male and we wouldn't be getting any males. I don't think he really cared about that. He wants a Leghorn to name Foghorn. We'll see what name he decides on.

This one is the Leghorn

Thanks to our friends from Thousand Generations Farm we were able to add the chickens we wanted on to their order. We ordered from Hoover's Hatchery again this year. The hatchery sent us an extra chick in case something happens to one of them. We now have five. Two buff orpingtons, one black sex link, one white rock, and of course the white leghorn. The leghorn will be the first chicken we will have that will lay a white egg. All of the others are brown egg layers.

The two Buff Orphinton's
I'm going to name them Amber and Ginger
Ginger from the movie "Chicken Run"

Little Miss Leg Horn
The one with the green stirpe on her head is a White Rock

The Black Sex Link

The first drinks of water

Sleepy Time

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