Friday, June 17, 2011

Playtime for the Babies

 I took the little ones outside to play for awhile today.  These little ones are completely different acting than our last two batches.  These babies are very quiet.  The most I hear out of them is what you hear on the video clip.  They rarely cheep.  They are fairly skittish and don't care to be handled.  I will have to break them of that fear.

This was the second time outside.  The first time was yesterday.  They immediately starting eating the small ants on the patio blocks.  They started pecking at the grass and straw the older birds had kicked out of the coop.  The babies were not well received by the older girls.  The older ones are actually afraid of the little ones.  All the little ones wanted to do was get closer to the older birds.  They weren't having it. 

The birds were hatched on Monday and they arrived on Tuesday.  As soon as we got home I took the box out next to the coop and the older birds went crazy hearing the cheeping.  They started pacing back and forth and Red even ran into the coop to get away from them.  They didn't know how to act.  Let alone want anything to do with them.

After taking the birds outside yesterday my husband gave me a hard time when I came inside.  He said the neighbors are going to think I am the crazy chicken lady.  I said I am 44 years old, with you think I really care?  He laughed. 

I know I have a chicken addiction.  I need to start selling some of their organic eggs to pay for my habit!

My husband won't admit to it publicly, but he likes the chickens too.  He jokes and says he has names for them such as: barbeque, fried chicken, and several others.  He teases me about playing with my food.  He knows we will never eat something we have given a name to, and especially not our chickens.  I get chickens from a friend whose family raises them to cook. ( Thousand Generations Farm ) I don't know them personally, so I have no problem eating them.

Eating ants off the patio blocks

The black one is the smallest but seems to be the leader.  When ever she takes off the others follow her.


Amber and Ginger like to stick together

Simply exhausted

Time for a short nap
OK, we are awake again

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