Monday, June 20, 2011

Saving Time and Money by Shopping Online

Shopping online not only saves money by not using gas, it takes less time.  Unfortunately we live in a community that is loosing more and more businesses each week.  We don't have a lot of options for shopping.  The businesses we do have carry limited choices, and are not always open.

I'm not talking about a mall.  We lost our mall several years ago.  I'm not a big shopper anymore. I never really was to begin with.  I have plenty of clothes and don't feel the need to change my wardrobe each season.  I do, however, search online for things we can't buy locally. 

With the increase in gas prices, it is often cheaper to purchase online rather than drive 50 miles to go searching for something.  Shopping online is often easier.  I spend less time purchasing items online.  I can search several locations without having to drive to another store to look for the item.  You can compare prices and read what others thought of the item.  Not to mention, a lot of times you can get free shipping.  Shopping from the convenience of my home is so much more comfortable too!  If I could only buy all of my groceries online at a reasonable price.  ;) 

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