Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My garden haul

Yesterday I worked on planting tomato and pepper plants I didn’t have the room for until now. I had to use a tulip area of one of my beds. I also threw some pumpkin seeds into a compost heap in hopes they will grow. I am out of garden space and don’t have anywhere for pumpkins to be planted. I read on another blog that pumpkins grow just about anywhere and to try sprinkling some seeds into the compost pile. There are a lot of nutrients for them to thrive so I am hoping to get some pumpkins this fall. Now, to keep my husband from disturbing the pile.

While in the garden, I decided to see what I could pick to eat for lunch. I didn't realize it, but I had peas ready to eat. Those little pods are hard to see sometimes. I was able to pick lettuce, peas, radishes, and mustard for a nice salad. I was thinking of boiling eggs to go with it since the girls seem to be laying well right now. How great is it to be able to walk out to your own backyard and gather things for a meal!

I often wish I lived in an area that would allow for a longer growing season to enjoy more fresh vegetables throughout the year. I don't care for the quality of fruits and vegetables in the grocery stores anymore. So much of what you see in the stores are transported great lengths to get to us. Many of the strawberries I have looked at were already molding on the shelf. Even if you find something has a good appearance, it may not have a good flavor. You can't beat freshly picked! Not to mention the lack of travel.

I have a few books on extending your harvest and am thinking I will venture more into cold frame gardening this fall to allow a longer harvest. I would love to have a greenhouse some day. What a way to extend the growing season!

Roses fresh picked

My first batch of strawberries for the year.  There are some missing from my snacking.

I also made the first cutting of Italian Oregano and have it sitting out ot dry.  I will use the food dehydrator to finish the job but wanted it to dry naturally for awhile first.

Itailian Oregano Drying

Fresh Bread Cooling

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