Sunday, June 5, 2011

We have Broccoli!!!

This is the first year I have planted broccoli.  I bought the plants on April 6 and planted them the same day.  Because of frost warnings after planting, I did have to cover the plants on occasion. 
All of the work was worth it.  I am harvesting a lot sooner than usual.

This is a picture of the plants two weeks ago. 
The plants were starting to bolt due to the extremely hot weather we have been having, therefore, I had to harvest them all at once. Now to blanch and put them in the freezer.
 I still  have several smaller heads growing on the plants to eat fresh. 
Once the plants are done producing, I will plant another crop from seed to harvest this fall.

Picked today.

 This is another first for me.  Mustard.  It almost has a horseradish taste to it and adds a nice spice when mixed in a salad.

 Cabbage and cauliflower bed.
I mixed in some onions to help deter bugs.
There are cucumbers planted in the far row which will take longer to grow. 
Once they get tall enough I will train them to grow up the trellis.

This picture was taken last week.  Today there are pods forming and several blossoms on the plants.  They will be ready to pick soon!  I have two other succession plants of peas to space out the harvest.  These are a favorite for the chickens and they love getting them as a treat!

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