Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Love the Color Green

Dishcloth in progress

I wouldn't say green is my favorite color, but I do like it.  My couch and love seat are both green.  I have green as one of the colors that connect each room in my house.

  I love the outdoors because everything is green.  One of the places we like to vacation is Cheyenne, Wyoming.  The only down side is there isn't enough green! I love looking outside and seeing a green garden and yard. 

There is a lot of green vegetation around our house.  Ferns, lily of the valley, and snow on the mountain, all of which were already planted when we purchased the house.  Thankfully they keep spreading each year.  It's always sad to see them go die off for the winter.  Most of the area then becomes brown and barren. 

Can you believe these are native plants to Iowa!
   Each year I gather the seeds from the Black Eyed Susan plants I have growing and spread them in different places around the yard.  This year they are growing in places I didn't sow seeds.

Picture from 2010
 The same can be said for my heirloom tomatoes.  The seeds I planted this year did not sprout, however, I have several plants that have popped up in various places.  I will get to have some after all.  Some of the plants have been spread through the compost I use to replenish my beds.  Apparently heirloom tomato seeds are not killed off in the compost pile.  I have tomatoes growing in my strawberry bed, flower beds, and all throughout other various garden beds.  I even have plants that have sprouted up next to the chicken coop.  How on earth the seeds made it next to the coop is forever a mystery. 

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