Friday, July 15, 2011

The "Not So Little" Ones

It's hard to believe, but it has been four weeks now since we brought the little chickens home.  They are growing up so fast.  My husband made the comment yesterday they are no longer the little frightened babies they were.  They are more like teenagers.  They don't scatter as much when they are left outside to play, but rather look at you.  It's as if they are thinking... yeah, what do you want?  They are getting very quick and less easy to catch.

Where one goes they all tend to follow.

 The two buff orphington's still stick together.  Where one is, the other is usually close by.

White Rock with the two Buff Orphington's (Amber and Ginger)

The white rock is twice the size of all the others.  She is starting to look more like a turkey vulture with her curved beak than a chicken.  I can only hope she is going through her "ugly duckling" phase.  It is still a mystery why she is so much larger than the others.  She is a larger breed bird, but so are some of the older girls.  There wasn't this much disparity in size with them. I am thinking we should name her "Big Bird".

Black Sex Link

Little Leghorn

Notice the shredded tail feathers on the Leghorn (right). She is still the favorite and I have a feeling the others sense it.  She is the only one with some of her tail feathers shredded.

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