Friday, July 8, 2011

It's a Girl!... I mean GOAT!

Gypsy Rose
  Actually it's both.  Meet Gypsy Rose.  This is my girlfriend's goat.  She was born in February.

Becky and her goat, Gypsy Rose
 Becky's husband came up the the name Gypsy, and her daughter chose the name Rose.  When you look up the term gypsy the definition of one inclined to a nomadic, unconventional way of life comes up.  This describes Becky herself.  She would like to live unconventionally when compared to most people now days.  Does getting back to a simpler life mean living unconventionally? 

Gypsy Rose and her mama
When Becky first told me her husband was getting her a goat for their anniversary we discussed her bringing it to town for visits.  She wondered how it would do on a car ride.  I told her Barney seemed to love it.  Just put a sheet on one of your seats and you should be good to go. 

What about a diaper?  Would it need one?  I could sew one with my new serger!  Wouldn't that be cute!  And a seat belt.  Should you strap it into the seat so it's safe?  And to think, growing up we didn't have mandatory seat belt laws.  We were allowed to roll around in the back seat without being restrained.  Mom's arm was our seat belt.  If she was making a sudden stop, up would come the arm.  It became habit to "catch" us.  Even if we weren't in the front seat with her, the arm would still come up.  Like that was going to save us, yeah right.  Now, if you go around a corner your seat belt almost chokes you because it's in the lock position thinking it needs to brace for something.

Since my friends also live in town, the goat can't be kept at their home.  Our city ordinance will not allow goats unless you have an acre of land.  I don't understand that concept. I think it's a little backwards in thinking. 

A goat makes less noise than a dog.  It won't keep you up all night barking at it's own shadow.  It won't pee on your tires or trees.  It might eat some of your trees, however, if you aren't careful.  Goats are also smaller than some dogs.  What would be the harm of having a small breed in your back yard?  Larger cities allow them.  A pigmy or a nigerian dwarf goat are both small breeds of goats.  Just look how little and cute they can be. 

Many years ago having a goat and chickens in your yard was the norm.  Not only were they pets, they provided you with food.  Now people act as if it's uncivilized to have those types of animals as pets.  However, having a pet snake or rat is acceptable??

In the meantime, Gypsy Rose will stay at her place of birth with her mama and get frequent visits from Becky and her family.  She will get to play with other goats and have lots of room to run around and have fun being a goat.  Becky now has a goat to call her own, after wanting one for so many years.  She will be going to see Gypsy Rose every chance she gets.  She will take her for walks, feed her treats, and spoil her as she would any other pet.

 Did you see the leash they got her to take her for walks?  I thought about getting a leash for my chickens and my husband just laughed at me like I was am crazy.  Don't laugh, they actually make a leash for poultry!  This is just one of them:

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