Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Tomatoes are Growing!

I was starting to wonder if I would get tomatoes at all this year.  One of the varieties I planted is called Early Girl, and another is a 4th of July breed, which indicated it should be "ready" around the 4th of July.  No such luck for me.  Here the 4th of July has passed, and I still don't have any ripe tomatoes to enjoy.  In fact they are still quite small.

 I choose to plant tomatoes in large pots rather than in the garden bed.  This way I can use the tomato cages to support them easier and move them around the yard if I need to.  I try to keep different varieties separated so they do not cross pollinate.  It is also a lot easier to harvest them, in my opinion.  The vines can be propped up, and the fruit kept off of the ground, where bugs tend to get at them easier.

Thankfully with the storm this week, I only lost one tomato.  It fell off of the plant into the pot.  In the past, storms have almost destroyed my tomato crop and the cages that I use to contain them. 

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