Friday, July 1, 2011

What I am Thankful for Today

It’s days like today that make me thankful for things like electricity, air conditioning, and refrigerators.  With the heat in the high 90’s and the heat index well above 100 it’s not very pleasant to be working in the garden.
I water the garden beds late in the evening, or early in the day.  If I go out late in the evening, I have to wear a light jacket as the mosquitoes will eat you alive in our back yard if you don’t.

Today I took the baby chicks outside to play around while I worked in the garden.  I’m sure most of you are wondering why you can see a dog pen in some pictures out in the middle of my yard.

It’s for the chickens.  We use it to keep them safe from roaming animals.  We move the pen around the yard to allow them to eat the grass. 

Last night I put the little ones in the middle of the pen, and before long they realized they could walk through the openings and get out.  Today was they same way, only this time one had grown large enough she could no longer fit through the openings.  She chirped and chirped and finally the others came back inside the pen.  They seemed to be following the “leave no man behind” motto.  Each time they would venture out, she would chirp and they would come back inside to be with her.  I don’t think they cared for the heat.  They were more than happy to come back inside where it is cooler.

The older birds tend to squawk more during the hotter part of the day.  I think it's just to let you know they aren’t very happy at the moment.  They sit in the shade and bury themselves in the dirt to keep cool.  Luckily the wind has been blowing and I haven’t had to get a fan out to keep them cool.  I am hoping the heat will lessen for the upcoming holiday weekend.

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