Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's Raining! My Rain Barrels are Getting Filled!

 Finally we have rain!  No watering the garden for two days straight.  Yesterday it rained just enough that I didn't have to water and today we are getting even more.  I am so excited to have my rain barrels full again.  With this dry spell I am thinking I need more to get me through times like these. 

 The original down spout had to be removed and replaced with this flex tube.
This is the second year of use for our rain barrels.  We have them set up behind our garage to collect the water that runs off of the roof.

They are set each one lower than the next to allow over flow to go into the next barrel.

 We bought the containers at True Value for just under $20 each.  We picked up the hardware at Tractor Supply and Wal-Mart for very little money.  Most rain barrels sell for at least $60 a piece. My son did the rest. Including drilling the holes for the spouts.  He is so creative!

This is screen to catch debris from going into the barrels.

 He also made holes in the lid of a milk jug for us to use for watering.  We saved several and would fill them with water so we had an additional supply of water.

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