Thursday, July 14, 2011

Iced Coffee....My new addiction!

A friend of mine posted this recipe for Perfect Iced Coffee she found on the Pioneer Woman's Blog.  She insisted I try the recipe, because it was simply amazing.  There are many scrumptious looking recipes on her blog!  I have just never ventured into actually trying any of them.  As far as iced coffee goes,  I have tried iced coffee in the past and hadn't made up my mind if I really liked it.  I think the hefty price of those Starbucks coffee's persuaded me that I didn't really care for it that much.  And to add ice cubes to a cup of coffee was just yucky to me.  I will drink coffee after is has cooled, however, when adding ice to it is seems to get diluted too much.

I am sorry to report after being persuaded to try the recipe I am hooked, as is my son.  I wasn't sure I was going to like it, so I didn't want to spend much money on coffee to use.  I decided to get a container of Folgers Country Roast simply because it was on sale the day I was at the store.  I have more expensive coffee, but didn't want to possibly "waste it" if I didn't like it.

I used 4 ounces of coffee to 2 liters of water.  I didn't want to make a huge batch if I wasn't going to like it.  I let it sit overnight and strained it the following morning.  I found most of the grounds had soaked up enough water and were heavier, therefore, sitting on the bottom of the pitcher.  I poured the coffee through a cheese cloth which I placed inside a strainer.  Very little grounds ended up coming out of the pitcher which made clean up easier.

I had this squeeze bottle saved from Agave Nectar and used it for the sweetened condensed milk.  It works well.

After straining the coffee, chill it for a few hours so it's good and cold, and it's ready.  I used sweetened condensed milk and a splash of half and half.  It was amazing!  I am now craving iced coffee later in the day, but know if I have any I would end up being up all night unable to sleep.  I could try making some with decaf coffee for late night cravings in the future.

Put it all in a jar with a lid and shake!

So Good!

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