Sunday, July 3, 2011

My girlfriend is getting a goat

My girlfriend is getting a goat.  She has wanted a goat for so long.  I'm so excited for her.  I can't wait to see the pictures.  We joked about it riding in her van. I would love to see pictures of that!

Years ago when I had my goat, Barney (a pygmy goat) , my cousin brought him to my house in his truck.  I won him during fun days and had no way to get him home.  My cousin said he would bring him to my house.  He put Barney in the front seat of his S-10 truck and drove around town for all to see.  I wondered what was taking him so long to get to my house.  He was out parading Barney around town.  That little goat sat in the front seat like a dog. My cousin got a kick out of every one's reaction seeing a goat in his front seat.   It was comical.

I miss Barney and can't wait to get another goat.  Every day he would untie my shoes with his lips. Goats make good pets, but then, so do chickens.

Today I had the babies outside and they all decided they wanted to sit on my lap and perch on my shoulders.  My husband thought I was putting them on my shoulders until he watched them climb my arm like a parrot.  The chickens were fighting for a spot on my lap.  If one would get shoved off she would try to get back up to be with the others.

Little Leghorn is the sweetest of them all.  She wants to be held and cuddled.  She is perfectly fine going to sleep being cuddled.  She has a personality all her own.  Not at all like any of the others.  It will be interesting to see how long she keeps liking being cuddled.

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  1. Not sure what I'd do with a goat, but I'd love to have chickens. I think the neighbors would be less amused, though!